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Our meetings are held in the Learning Center of the Palm Springs Library, 300 S. Sunrise Way, on the first Saturday of each month, September through May. You do not need to be a member to attend.

President’s Letter

I must apologize for my delinquency in updating this website. Not only was our regular meeting waived in lieu of a delicious and enjoyable Christmas luncheon at 849 Restaurant in Palm Springs, but the president has been changing residences and battling whatever “crud” has been going around.

The January meeting was such a joy that I am going to include what our secretary has to say about the “Show ‘n Tell” we had.

“Sondra Lucas mentioned her Sun Bonnet Sue & Overall Bill baby quilt top that her mother pieced for her grandson but was unable to finish due to her demise in 1957. Her daughter-in-law was unable to locate the quilt for sharing at the meeting. She did share a framed doily with beads crocheted therein that her grandmother had made: beautiful handiwork.

Ken Pengelley brought his Baptism Certificate from a Methodist Church in Ohio. He also brought a German coin that his father had brought back from WWII where he served in Patton’s army.

David Engen showed us a beautiful, knitted family afghan and modeled a Norwegian sweater that he had knitted himself.

Glenn Morrison discussed his family’s history in mining, particularly in Oregon, and brought along an antique candle holder used by miners, probably in the late 1800’s. He also brought several buttons that were made by his grandfather for his grandmother from deer antlers.

V. V. Martin brought a solid wooden mortar and pestle that probably dates back to 1800’s or before. She also brought an encased pencil set from early 1900’s.

Catherine Roberti brought a sampler her grandmother made in the early 1800’s.

Judy Vossler brought a photograph of her grandmother, an artist, as well as a self-portrait.

Ina Gibbons told the story of discovering a new Scottish nephew: an example of how DNA helps in ancestry searches. She also told us of her son who is a Detective in the Santa Ana Police Department in the Cold Case Unit and how they use DNA to help solve crimes.”

February was also a very interesting meeting: Sandra Sellick gave a presentation on “The Family Fork: Creating a Family Heirloom Book”. She actually conducted a workshop on creating a family heirloom book and, through her handouts and assistance, we were all on our way to creating our very own family heirloom book.

Unfortunately, due to poor response, it was necessary to cancel the DNA Seminar featuring Dr. Blaine Bettinger, author of “The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy” and co-author of “Genetic Genealogy in Practice”

We were able to get some DNA education from our March speaker, Scott Buchannan, who educated us on “Using DNA to Confirm Your Ancestors”. Scott attended the previous seminar we sponsored in 2019 featuring Dr. Bettinger and he certainly learned his lesson!

Our April speaker will be a return guest, Laurice Johnson, who will be giving us some hints on “Engaging the Next Generation”. I found Laurice to be both a knowledgeable and an interesting speaker.

Sondra R. Lucas, President