President’s Letter


Larry Naukam, our speaker on February 3, always has valuable information for us and his presentation on “How to use the Family History Center + Assembling a Family Record” was no exception.

We are now in the month of presidents. Thinking of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln I can’t help but think about the major wars which have shaped our nation.

How many of us have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War?

What do we know about their lives during that time?

I have one proven Patriot, John Foster Leaverton, who fought in the Revolutionary War in the 4th Independent Company of Maryland under Captain James Hindman. I’ve identified several other Patriots whom I’m in the process of proving.

I have six 3rd great uncles who fought in the Civil War: all of them survived and returned home to their families.

James Harvey Mayes {7th Virginia Cavalry
Lorenzo Franklin Mayes {7th Virginia Cavalry
Henry Morgan Mayes {97th Virginia Militia
Thaddeus Wellington Mayes {7th Virginia Cavalry
Rodham Greenberry Mayes {7th Virginia Cavalry
George Washington Mayes {97th Virginia Militia

I encourage you to research your own heroes.

A reminder that the high speed photo scanner and negative scanner is available to scan your negatives to a flash drive at the Hemet Family History Center, 425 N Kirby Ave., Hemet, CA 92545, Phone: 1-951-658-8104

It’s actually mind boggling to think that we only have three more meetings in the season with speakers you are sure to enjoy.

We’re investigating the possibility of holding an informal discussion group during the summer, so stay connected for that news.

Check the “LINKS” page on the web site for links which may be useful to you in your research.

Sondra R. Lucas